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You are still using e-mail, ftp or
cloud storage for your audio content.
You run metadata maintenance
manually or copy & paste.
You still communicate and manage
your audio workflow by phone.

audiobays is the cloud-based software system for your audio content management. Organize your ads, news, podcasts, comedy, music or entire programs on a single platform. audiobays is available for you and your partners, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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audiobays makes doing business easier…

Organizes all your audio content in one system.

Optimizes your teamwork.

Supports decentralized work and co-working.

Lets you create a network of agencies, marketers, publishers,
media consultants, recording studios, IP streams… and radio stations!

Simplifies your daily work and makes you more efficient.


…and guarantees you more sales!

… by sharing your audio content with third parties.

… by delivering your audio content to your partners and customers.

… by distributing your audio content to multiple channels.



Software as a service

Flexible „in-the-cloud“. audiobays is offered as „Software-as-a-Service“ and only requires a web browser. Secure, simple and always available. Data storage only according to EU law.

API / Interfaces

Thanks to the flexible interface (rest API), audiobays can easily be integrated with third-party play-out or traffic systems.


audiobays automatically converts files into the formats required by different distribution channels.

Data enhancement

In each processing step, the metadata are enhanced with additional information, attributes, and parameters.

Rights management

Authorizations can be individually defined via the central user and rights management.


The solution allows you to obtain data information directly from audiobays not just by using FTP services, but also simply by sharing a single file or a link to projects and folders.


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